Decisions2When under stress and when there are lots of alternatives, making decisions can be difficult. ‘Soft skills for real results’ allows you to get a handle on the difficult decisions.

Brain overflow.
The range of options and consequences that intelligent people see often leads to an overwhelming amount of data to be processed and compared. The result is usually a delayed decision.

People believe that more time will:
● Yield better data.
● Change the circumstances to make the decision easier.
● Deliver a consensus that shares responsibility.

Can you afford to wait?
Although more time sometimes does make the decision easier, this is not always the case. Making appropriate decisions takes confidence and practice. Taking responsibility for any failed decisions and learning from them takes courage and a truly open mind.

RTTA’s expertise.
RTTA’s ‘soft skills for real results’ training teaches methods to simplify the problem and focus on the important factors that have the most effect. This allows our clients to make those tough decisions in an informed and timely way.