feedback-igA lot of feedback is ignored. ‘Soft skills for real results’ gives our clients ways of being heard.

Avoiding pain.
A very wise person once said that the truth will set you free but first it will make you miserable. Most people don’t like being miserable so it is only natural that they will try to avoid the pain of am uncomfortable truth by simply denying the new information.

There are a few well-known basics that can help:
● Including something positive (the praise sandwich).
● Communicating the information in private.
● Focusing on the key facts.

Defending their point of view.
The above rules help but even with them there is no guarantee that the person is going to actually accept the feedback, internalise it and then change. What often happens is that people say they understand and accept the feedback while in the comfort of their own heads they are excusing their actions.

Providing feedback that is accepted is about so much more than just what you say and how you say it.

Acceptable approach.
RTTA’s ‘soft skills for real results’ training provides a complete understanding of the mechanisms involved in accepting criticism. This minimises upset and means your team learns and improves more quickly. These soft skills rapidly produce real results.