Leadership really makes a difference.

High value people.
Well qualified, high achieving people are usually not motivated simply by material reward alone. Because of their training and experience, they are also usually difficult and costly to replace. Measuring their day to day output is difficult because their value stretches over long term projects and outcomes and is usually based on quality not simply on quantity.

Demotivated people:
● Are less innovative.
● Make more mistakes.
● Demotivate others.

High risk.
You need to know that they are motivated and focused right now. The high investment involved in long term projects means that any problems with low motivation are particularly damaging. Losing key people or having unmotivated people in the team is usually very costly to the group.

Motivated people:
● Think about how to solve work problems when they are most relaxed and creative – Outside work.
● Take every opportunity to further the work of the group.
● Help the people around them to achieve as well.

RTTA’s skill set
RTTA’s expertise in ensuring the motivation of well qualified intelligent people means that you get the best return on investment. The investment you have made and continue to make in your key people. This means your group doesn’t just function, it excels.