‘Soft skills for real results’ is a big claim. So how do we deliver?

Tailoring client specific programs.
We start with the fundamentals:
1. Design
Assessing your needs – designing the training content and workshops.
2. Facilitate
Facilitating training, workshops and coaching.
3. Sustaining measures
Following-up with post-measures to ensure transfer into the day-2-day operations.

But what makes RTTA different is the flexibility.

This flexible approach is apparent in RTTA workshops. The open and flexible format means that as subjects arise they can be quickly addressed. Each attendee helps shape the workshop and this ensures that the workshop meets the needs of all the participants.

Workshops with hard, sustained and sustaining results.
This tailoring to the exact needs of the participants along with RTTA’s commitment to long term solutions mean the workshops produce real and lasting changes in people’s outlook and productivity.

RTTA’s simple approach: Resilient people.
RTTA helps your people to become resilient: improving their skills (problem solving, interpersonal and leadership), allowing them to remain motivated and so persevere, manage stress and triumph in the face of difficult challenges.
Greater confidence and self-reliance means that the whole team will embrace change more easily. When your comfort zone is extended, it gives you the freedom to take more opportunities and use the appropriate soft skills to generate real results.

Soft skills for real results is not just a claim, it’s a promise to our clients.