innovationNew ideas are essential for you to be able to develop your business but just because ideas are new doesn’t make them good. ‘Soft skills for real results’ means you stimulate and nurture the corrects ones.

Tried and tested.
Old ideas are generally quite good. They have survived as ideas because they are good. People are familiar with them.

Some problems new ideas face:
● The real benefits and costs are often almost impossible to assess accurately and good ideas are often rejected before being properly assessed.
● Ideas are very often assessed based on the expertise of the creator rather than the merit of the idea.
● Ideas are sometimes used as a battleground for other conflicts within the group.

Useless without both.
To raise plants you need a seed and an environment in which that seed can grow. Ideas are no different. To bring innovative solutions to productive fruition you need both creative individuals and an environment where good new ideas can grow.

Two pronged attack.
RTTA training develops both the creativity of the individual and the team environment so that great ideas don’t get overlooked. ‘Soft skills for real results’ unleashes the potential of your group.