The ideal — When everyone has a realistic idea of their capabilities and influence.

Everyone knows that feeling of working and achieving with a team of great people. It isn’t about everyone agreeing all the time. It is about everyone committing to the team and its success without egos getting in the way.

The reality is rarely this frictionless ideal. However, people often don’t understand the true reason why.

Not everyone judges their influence and expertise correctly. This leads to friction.

Business has never been more competitive.
Success doesn’t come just from a group of friends having a great time: Skills and intellect still matter. And people with skills and intellect are hard to replace.

However, highly skilled people often come with baggage. Sometimes highly capable, hard to replace people come with a highly competitive nature that leads to competition within the team.

RTTA training allows you to keep those hard to replace people while effectively addressing those individual behaviours that need to be replaced.