change-igChange requires a reason. ‘soft skills for real results’ focuses on making those necessary big changes happen.

Quality is expensive.
High quality goods and services command a high price and big changes to working practices require a lot of commitment. Although you know the quality and advantages of your products or methods, others might not. New and existing customers (external or internal) need good reasons to part with their hard earned money (or abandon their existing methods) and make that big commitment.

Clients are not going to accept your unsupported word so you must:
● Explore their fears about the deal.
● Demonstrate the appropriate skills.
● Build trust.

Being impressive.:
People often feel that to impress clients and colleagues they need to be impressive. This sometimes leads people to use jargon or buzzwords, to over-complicate problems and to promote their own achievements.

Think about the individuals who impress you the most?

● Are helpful and reliable.
● Are practical and no nonsense.
● Listen.

The focus of ‘soft skills for real results’ is the belief that the basis for finding the right answers is asking the right questions. The foundation for trust is reliability. The first step to solving any problem is listening. We give our clients the skills to be persuasive and so deliver real results.