project-manProjects rarely have just one goal. ‘Soft skills for real results’ means targeting real results in the real world.

Keeping it simple.
Schiller once said that simplicity is the result of maturity. Project management means being in control (and not letting the project control you). In order to be in control, project managers need the appropriate tools. The expertise is in reducing complexity by applying the right tools and not making things complicated but making them as simple as possible.

Different projects require different approaches:
● Agile or traditional?
● Getting the right level of planning detail.
● Controlling change and risks.
● Developing contingency plans for unforeseen scenarios.

Team spirit or authority?
The role of the project manager with the right leadership approach is crucial. There is always a balance between authority and allowing the team the freedom to decide. Finding the best balance for each problem and situation requires understanding.

‘Soft skills for real results’ focuses on helping our clients to establish the right approaches and develop competencies for planning and delivering successful projects.