The Red-Liner Model©

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If you have low self-confidence, you probably aren’t working to your full potential. Maybe you don’t advocate strongly enough for your great ideas. Perhaps you are less inclined to take appropriate risks because you underestimate your skill at problem solving or you are afraid of the judgement of others.


This in turn has implications for your career because you are less likely to stand out. And it actually has implications for the team you work in as it won’t perform as well as it could.


Furthermore, people with low self-confidence are particularly vulnerable when interacting with overconfident people as overconfident people can be very persistent.

However, there is a way forward!

We teach you how to gain self-confidence and to unlock your potential!

Appropriate realistic confidence increases your effectiveness and wellbeing.

We teach you how to realistically assess your skills, develop a healthy feeling of self-confidence and a trust in your own capabilities. The new view will surprise you and it will actually change the confidence you feel.

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