defenceMaintaining the power balance is very important. ‘Soft skills for real results’ is about getting that balance right.

Power corrupts.
This isn’t just a cliche, it is a scientific fact. Research shows that the greater the disparity in power within a group, the greater the abuses that take place.

Disparity in power or opportunities leads to:
● Injustice.
● Demotivation.
● Passive defiance.

It is easy to see it in nations that are ruled by dictators. The same things happen in a team but they are at a lower level and so it is less easy to see. However the defiance still happens.

People who can defend their position:
● Have a more positive outlook and so attempt more.
● Take greater care because they are personally invested in the task.
● Elevate and inspire the whole group because they are open to new ideas and are supportive of others.

What we do.
RTTA’s ‘soft skills for real results’ workshops teach people to be strong without being aggressive. We expand their comfort zone and that gives them the confidence to venture outside it more and so expand it further.