To paraphrase George Carlin: There may be no ‘I’ in team but there definitely is one in intelligent, innovative and independent.

High value teams are made up of highly individual people who are complex and have a lot of history. This makes managing the team dynamic all the more difficult. The value of such teams means that getting this dynamic right is really important.

Yes, at RTTA we talk about red-liners, blue-liners and green-liners BUT this isn’t a way of classifying people. People are all individuals and need to be seen as such.

The model is a training tool to get people to look at the team dynamic in a different way. It is a way to help people have a greater understanding of how teams interact. Because without properly understanding any problems, you cannot solve them efficiently.

RTTA workshops present a new way of looking at people and how they interact. The red-liner, blue-liner and green-liner model is there, not to pigeonhole people, but to add an extra layer of understanding. This understanding will allow your teams to solve problems that were previously seen as insoluble.

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