Rob Thompson
Rob founded RTTA to bring his model on interpersonal interactions to a wider audience. With the help of RTTA’s clientele of Europe’s top academics, he has perfected this approach to increase the productivity of teams of high value people. His flexible workshop style allows him to tailor each workshop to the specific needs of the attendees.

Rob is a TEDx and keynote speaker who speaks at conferences all over Europe. Before forming RTTA, Rob worked managing projects in both retail and banking/insurance in London.

Dr. Johanna Münkemer
Johanna joined RTTA in 2020 to open up RTTA material to German speakers. Her deep understanding and very open style make her an excellent workshop leader. Her enthusiasm and ability to cut through the fog of extraneous information and clarify the root cause of problems make a workshop with her a transformative experience.

Before joining RTTA Johanna has worked in both academia as a researcher and the private sector in the field of renewable energy where she continues to conduct scientific market research. She is a chemist and holds a PhD in Biochemistry.