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The Red-Liner Model©

Want to learn how to deal with difficult human interactions and to actively manage your self-confidence? Rob Thompson has developed the Red-Liner Model which provides a completely new view on social interactions. Learn with us how to easier navigate through your social world.

Rob Thompson talking about the Red-Liner Model© at TEDx Zurich in 2020 – get a taste of the eye-opening view on social interactions which will change your life!

Our Philosophy

We believe in the value of respectful and reliable social interactions. Read here what drives and motivates us.

Our strengths

Client orientation

In our workshops we help you to find solutions for your difficult interpersonal interactions.


We provide you the tools to actively manage and control your self confidence and to stand your ground without tipping on other peoples toes.


We have more than 10 years of experience in training highly educated people.

What former workshop attendees say about us:

Testimonial best

Testimonial best

Testimonial best

Testimonial best

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Let us help you learning to deal with your difficult human interactions!