The Red-Liner Model©

Unleashing the team

Would you like to improve the efficiency of your team?

We have an eye-opening tool that allows your teams to easily analyse and more deeply understand how conflict starts in a  team. This tool allows you to address conflict before it escalates.

By addressing the root cause of the problems, your team’s productivity will be unleashed.


In the early stages of a conflict, most people usually don’t do anything about it because they expect it will resolve naturally. The group dynamic evolves to cope with the friction rather than solve the root cause.

Without intervention this friction remains unresolved. Stress levels rise, great ideas get lost and people get demotivated. Sometimes valuable, productive team-members leave. Energy is wasted on managing the dynamic. Energy that could be spent on being more productive.


RTTA has developed a new way of analysing team interactions based on the relationships within the team and the friction that some of those relationships cause.

Personality types are only half the story and it is necessary to look at relationships to get the full picture. Without the appropriate insight, the overview is hidden. Only individual interactions are visible. The limited view makes it easy to miss the root of the problem.


By using a series of “discovery” modules and real life examples provided by the attendees, we guide the group to examine common situations in a different way.

This gives a new level of understanding of regular human interactions. And that, in turn, leads to an insight into how the subtle but very wasteful competition takes place in many teams. For most people, this new view is truly eye opening.


The new perspective gives the whole team the understanding to correctly assess the seeds of conflict and the tools to approach the dynamic in a sensitive and diplomatic but proactive way.

We don’t just teach people how to resolve their current conflict. We give them the understanding to prevent future conflict.

The long term result is improved communication, greater innovation, less stress and lower staff turnover.


Business has never been more competitive and skills and intellect matter more than ever before. And people with skills and intellect are hard to replace.

However, highly skilled people often come with a competitive nature that leads to competition within the team.

RTTA training allows you to get the most from those hard to replace people.