The Red-Liner Model©

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In the ideal team, every member estimates their influence and expertise correctly. Communication is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation. Dynamics like negative office politics don’t develop because egos don’t get in the way.

However, if a person (red-liner) overestimates their influence and capabilities, friction with other team members will almost certainly arise.

Usually, the team adapts to the behaviour of the red-liner – rather than the other way round –  and this diverts energy from achieving the team goals. In the worst case, valuable members might leave the team due to the conflicts they experience.

In reality, friction can arise in all social situations and usually isn’t tied to one single person. Overestimation of influence and capabilities can also take place in any interaction. It isn’t just about the personalities involved but also the relationships between those personalities.

With our Red-Liner Model we go far beyond personality types to approach the source of problems in human interactions. In our workshops, we look at how people treat each other and together with the participants, we develop basic action principles to deal with the difficult situations in your team. Learn how to more easily navigate through your business and social world and how to unleash the power of your team enabling high performance.

Together we’ll increase the effectiveness and wellbeing of your team. Contact us for more information.