Who we work with

High achievers.
RTTA takes people who are already good at what they do and makes them better. We help highly qualified and intelligent people to hone their already extensive skills and make them even more effective.

Private sector:
● Healthcare
● Information Technology
● Pharmaceutical

Public sector:
● Academic Research Institutes
● Utilities
● Social services
● Local government

are some of the sectors where RTTA’s ‘soft skills for real results’ program has provided help.

If you have people who are already good and you want them to be even better, then get in touch.


How we do it

No surprise: there is a difference between what should work and what actually works.

Real results.
RTTA is driven by practical methods that deliver real results. Every management situation is different and so the very best managers must be agile and flexible.

RTTA’s extremely flexible workshop style means that the participants actually shape the workshop as it takes place. This means they quickly learn the soft skills needed to deliver real results.


Managing projects

The foundation for a well-managed project is clarity. Knowing the goal of the project, the strategic value and the best approach to the management of the project.

It is also essential that everyone has the same understanding of the goals and the progress of the project. This includes not just every member of the project team but also other stakeholders like clients, customers and management.

What we do.
There is a lot of theory in project management but the ‘soft skills for real results’ program targets the main challenge which is to make things work in real situations. RTTA training and consulting focuses on pragmatic and down to earth solutions for your projects.