Good self-confidence – WHY you need it and HOW to start growing it”

Webinar recording – Tuesday 10th May, 7-8 p.m. CET

Have you ever skipped an opportunity in your private or professional life because you didn’t feel self-confident enough?

Are you afraid of being seen as arrogant if you grow your self-confidence?

Have you always felt that self-confidence is something that other people have but you don’t? And in case you’re an extrovert, run into the misconception of people thinking of you as very self-confident though you experience yourself as not?

Self-confidence affects everything we do. It is the subconscious, ever present thermostat setting that gives us the feeling as to whether something will succeed or not. If the self-confidence setting is wrong then it will cause problems. If self-confidence is too high then we attempt too much, fail to plan for realistic avoidable problems and invest too much in high risk ventures thinking they are sure things. When self-confidence is too low, we fail to fulfil our potential because we don’t attempt manageable tasks and we are distracted by too much unnecessary worry.

Good self-confidence isn’t about never taking risks. It is about setting challenging but realistic goals while being aware of any risk so that you can correctly include it in your planning.

In this webinar we examine the nature of different levels of self-confidence and provide some tips on how to get the delicate balance right.


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