The Red-Liner Model©

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In the ideal team, every member estimates their influence and expertise correctly.
However, sometimes people underestimate their capability and so don’t work to their full potential. This in turn has implications on the results of the team.


People who underestimate their capabilities and their knowledge, often don’t advocate for their great ideas enough. They are less likely to take appropriate risks because they underestimate their skill at problem solving.


People who underestimate themselves are already vulnerable from low self-confidence, the situation is made even worse if they encounter someone who overestimates their own capability.

Unleash your team’s potential

Strong teams are made up of strong and confident individuals. Together we’ll increase the effectiveness and wellbeing of your team.

We help people to realistically assess their skills, develop a healthy self-confidence and trust in their own capabilities. We show our workshop attendants how their self-image is linked to their ability to use their full potential and what effect that has on their interpersonal connections.

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